Successful 2nd year au pairs ready this summer

Meet Mint,  Thailand- 2nd year au pair, 25 yr old, driver-  Infant qualified,  Mint is a wonderful au pair, warm, responsible and easy going- she currently takes care of a 2,4 yr old and is currently in Long Island, NY, she becomes available July 2, 2018 to your home.


Meet Beau- Australia- 2nd year au pair, 23 yr old, driver- works with school age children.  He is loved by his current host parents in Long Island.  He is fun, responsible and enjoys keeping his host kids active.  He is hoping to take care of children on the west coast during his 2nd year.  He becomes available 8/21/18 to your home.


Meet Alessia-  Italy- 2nd year au pair, 20 yr. old,  available for 9 months-in your home on 8/14/18, driver, responsible, organized and respectful.  Currently taking care of 3 and 5 yr. old boys.


Mint, Beau and Alessia are all highly recommended from their current host family, coordinator and our corporate office.  A family would be lucky to host such amazing international adults who have proven their responsible demeanor as well as love their host children.

For more info on Mint, Beau, Alessia or many other au pairs available please text/call:

Carol Anne   516-695 4948

Thursday, 3 May 2018 10:24 AM


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